Worry Stone - Indian Agate
Worry Stone - Indian Agate
Worry Stone - Indian Agate

Worry Stone - Indian Agate

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Worry stones are smooth stones with an indent that are said to ease stress and worry. Common to Buddhist meditation, it is said that a monk would start meditating with a smooth, round stone that would be rubbed with the thumb during meditation. Over the course of the monk's life, eventually an indentation would form, and this was a sign that the monk had reached enlightenment. Today, we sell these stones with the indentation already carved. Worry stones make the perfect gift for the worriers, the spiritual nomads, and will help focus those who can't seem to sit still.

Agate is a relatively common stone that may be found around the world. It comes in hundreds of different varieties and colours. Agates are believed to have been formed millions of years ago during volcanic eruptions – the volcanic lava flows left cavities filled with gas, and as the flows cooled, these cavities allowed for mineral bearing solutions to enter. The combinations of these solutions along with heat, pressure and millions of years allowed agates of all varieties to form.  An agate will resemble a potato on the outside; the stone must be cut or sliced to see the beautiful colours and formations within.  

Indian agate, also known as Fancy Jasper, comes in an astounding range of colours. The most common colours are red, pink, and green, however indian agate can also be found in shades of purple, orange, white, and blue. These intricate and unique colours make each piece of this lovely stone entirely unlike any other, and are prized by collectors for this very reason. 

Spiritually, indian agate promotes self-growth. Indian agate is believed to bring good luck and contain lunar energy, meaning that it brings ever growing inner beauty, wisdom, and gratitude for all that is and will be. It helps to release old emotions, and brings a positive outlook on life, and may bring comfort to the idea of growing old. Associated with the Heart Chakra, indian agate brings calming and tranquil vibrations to the heart. As a member of the agate family, indian agate may also enhance strength of character, assist in difficult decision-making, and give its holder a sense of courage.

  • Dimensions: 50 mm x 35 mm x 5 mm.
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