Terms and Conditions

Our digital store policies vary from our physical stores, please take the time to become familiar with these. If you have any questions, please contact sales@rocksandgemscanada.com

We will firstly highlight that all metaphysical, spiritual, or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and is not meant to treat medical conditions. These spiritual properties can be used in meditation, and is meant to promote inner contemplation, and is not a physical treatment. Rocks and Gems Canada does not guarantee the validity or accuracy of any of these statements. Always seek advice from a medical professional before attempting to treat physical or mental ailments with crystals, minerals, fossils, or meteorites. 

By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you are also agreeing to our Refund Policy and Shipping PolicyAs a buyer, you are fully responsible for thoroughly reading and understanding our listing descriptions and shop policies. By ordering from Rocks and Gems Canada you are agreeing to comply with all of our shop policies. Please ensure you have read these in depth alongside the additional terms outlined here.

Payment Options
Rocks and Gems Canada accepts a variety of payment methods online, including all major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Items are payable through the Checkout screen. Orders will be shipped only after confirmation of payment.

Only one coupon code may be used per order. Discount codes cannot be applied to any items which are already discounted. All orders over $75 CAD will be offered free shipping so long as the item is being shipped within Canada or the United States of America. This promotion may be used in conjunction with a discount code, however the $75 threshold must still be met after the discount is applied.

Product Size:
All listings include dimensions, please use this as the most accurate way to determine a products size. We includes images of some products being held to help show the scale of them, but this not an accurate way to understand size. It is important to always read listing descriptions, which will give you a more accurate idea of the measurements of the item. The written sizes are close approximations, we highlight there could be small discrepancies.

Purchasing from Rocks and Gems Canada: 
Our website boasts three types of Buying options: Direct, Selecting Labelled Variants, or Selecting Unlabelled Variants.

This is a product which includes photos of the one of a kind product. If the product doesn't state "the item you receive may have slight differences from the one photographed," you will receive the photographed item.

Selecting Unlabelled Variants:
Unlabelled variants are used when one item, or a group of items, are close enough in appearance that a selection of photos are an accurate representation of the available options. These products will often have a disclaimer at the bottom along the lines of, “the item you receive may have slight differences from the one photographed." 

When purchasing from a grouping, please read product descriptions and look through every single one of the photos to get a better idea of the variety available. By purchasing from a grouped listing, you acknowledge that any of the colours, shapes, or patterns included in all the pictures could potentially be in your order, and that none of the photographed items may be selected.

Selecting Labelled Variants:
Group or lot listings require you to select an option. These listings will have pictures that are labelled with letters or numbers and you will be asked to select your favourite before adding it to cart. Please note that not all options displayed in the photos will still be available. 

Photography and Accuracy
Our company believes in transparency, with a policy of "No surprises." That means that we do our best to get an accurate photo of the item, without enhancing the colour saturation or using other Photoshop methods to make the item look better. Our top priority is to ensure that our customers receive what they are expecting.Colours may appear slightly different on screen depending on the monitor settings your device has. If you feel that a colour is significantly different, please place it in bright sunlight against a white or black background for comparison. 

If you purchased an item that has flash such as moonstone, opal, labradorite, or ammolite, the best way to find the flash is with a bright directional light such as a flashlight. Diffused lighting (ex: a cloudy day, a dim room, in the shade) may make the colour flash difficult to find.

Please note that the various products that we carry are a natural product, and that sometimes stones, meteorites, and fossils have small imperfections and blemishes. This may include marks from polishing for any item that is shaped, as the majority of this type of work is done by hand. Some stones have oddities that are difficult to see such as druzy caverns, hollow pockets, or small marks/flaws along the surface of the stone. We select only the best pieces for our website, and do a thorough quality control check prior to shipping any purchased items. We also try our best to include any blemishes in photos, but if this is a concern for you please contact us prior to purchasing. 

Unpacking your Order:
Please use caution and care when opening your order. Some items are small or fragile so we recommend unpacking on a flat, clean surface or somewhere where you do not need to worry about your new pieces being damaged or lost. Please be sure you have checked all packing material before recycling or disposing of it. All orders include information cards with a certificate of authenticity on the back. Items shipped in small jewellery boxes may have a layer of protective foam or cotton on top of the piece – the boxes are not empty. We double check orders carefully before sealing the package, so it is extremely unlikely that an item would be missing from your order. We reserve the right to reship or refund in the rare event of missing items. If you have any issues with a damaged item, you need to contact us within 3 days of delivery. 

Custom orders:
We can accommodate custom orders via email. These orders can only be processed through our website and cannot be processed via phone or in our retail locations. Please note that custom orders are exempt from free shipping, please contact us for further information on a custom order. 

Rocks and Gems Canada is a division of Biro Holdings Limited.