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4 gemstones you may not have heard of!
Have you ever felt drawn to the beauty and energy of crystals, but find yourself always reaching for the same popular ones like amethyst or rose quartz? It's time to explore the world of underrated crystals and unlock their hidden...
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Why you should add Ammolite to your collection
Ammolite, a fossilized form of Aragonite mineral, originates from the shells of extinct marine mollusks called Ammonites, dating back 70-135 million years. Found predominantly in southern Alberta, its unique fossilization process results in vibrant colors, with only 5% of ammonites displaying such hues. The gemstone's iridescence, rarity, and connection to Earth's history contribute to its allure. Culturally significant, it symbolizes prosperity and harmony, making it highly prized for jewelry, showcasing its natural beauty.
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Aquamarine: What's the History?
Aquamarine is a famous light blue to light blue-green stone which ranges in tones and saturation, although most is a light blue colour. It is the birthstone for March and it's name stems from the Latin Aqua Marina meaning sea...
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