Hematite is an unusual metallic looking stone that is named after the Greek word for blood. This is because a red dust is given off by the stone when it is cut and polished. Hematite forms in small nodular shapes and once polished produces a beautiful almost metallic finish. This metallic finish occurs since the stone is an iron ore, the stone itself is over 70% iron. Don't worry though, hematite cannot rust.

Hematite is found in a variety of locations in Canada including Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. The nickname for hematite is "Black Diamond". Mineral collectors love the botryoidal form of hematite, it is said to resemble kidneys or molten glass. The massive form of hematite is used for jewellery and carvings. The pieces take a high metallic polish, although sometimes the artists and gem cutters leave the hematite unpolished to create a flat finish which is intriguing to look at.

Hematite is believed by some to enhance personal magnetism, optimism, courage and will have a positive effect on the bloodstream.
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Worry Stone - Hematite
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Hematite Pendant
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Specular Hematite
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