Rhodonite is a pink stone that ranges from a light to dark pink. It will often be veined with black, white, grey or yellow minerals that run through the stone. It is believed that millions of years ago rhodonite was a solid pink colored stone. Earthquakes and erosion caused cracks in the stone. These cracks then re-healed through time with other minerals and colors in the original pink stone. These are natural in the stone and give rhodonite it's unique look and character.
The main Canadian sources of rhodonite include the Yukon Territory, Hill 60 near Duncan, B.C., and near Penticton, British Columbia. The Canadian rhodonite has been called the best in the world because of its deep pink color.
Rhodonite has been called the stone of love and is believed by some to reduce stress and calm the mind. Some believe it may help with injuries as it may strengthen muscles and help the heart and circulation. 
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Rhodonite Ring
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