Selenite is an alternate name for the mineral gypsum. The word Selenite comes from the Greek “selenites”, meaning “moon stone” or “moon rock”. Selenite is a natural insulator and will appear much warmer to the touch than other crystals. It is a very soft stone, and may come in several different crystal formations. Fibrous selenite, also called satin spar, has a chatoyant flash to it, it may be found in crystal formations several meters long. This satin spar selenite is sometimes made into unusual decorator pieces. Clear selenite crystals may occur in smaller sizes.

Selenite is said to be the "Stone of Mental Clarity;" it is thought to be a bringer of light. It is long thought that selenite helps in procuring long-lasting relationships, ensuring fidelity and furthering commitments.  It may help reconcile differences by going to the root of any issue. It is also said to be a pain reliever, and a calming stone.

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