Mala Beads

Simply stated, mala beads are a set of beads that have traditionally been used in prayer and meditation. Often called prayer beads, anyone can wear these beautiful pieces. You don’t have to be religious or have any spiritual practice. We believe you can simply wear them as a reminder of an intention you’ve set, especially if you are seeking a calmer mind, body and spirit.

Meditation is extremely beneficial for every part of our being - our mind, our body and our spirit. It helps us to relax, clear our mind and release negative energy and unwanted thoughts. On a spiritual level, meditating with stones can help to raise your consciousness and awareness, deepening your intuition and bringing insight. Using stones and crystals for meditation can be a powerful tool to deepen your personal meditative practice. 

Any stone or crystal can be used for meditation. Stones are the tools to help you start and maintain your meditation practice, connect with a specific intention or goal and move into deeper states of meditation. Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position holding your mala beads. Focus on the stones, touch each one in the circle, and notice its coolness and weight in your hands. Bring to your attention to everything about the exquisite stone, its shape, texture, clarity or inclusions, colour, brightness and purity. Focus on the spiritual properties that are unique to the stone, and feel those intentions fill you as you let your breathing slow and relax. Allow yourself to feel centred, grounded and fully in the present moment, letting your mind calm.


This Obsidian Mala features stunning Amethyst, Blue Aventurine, Blue Lace Agate, Green Aventurine, Aragonite, Carnelian Agate, and Smoky Quartz with gold bead accents. These gems represent each of the seven Chakras, pools of vital life force within the body that represent wisdom, intuition, communication, love, energy, creativity, strength, and when used together, these stones represent harmony. When strung together, these gems are meant to remind you of your completeness. During meditation, focus on the aspects of your life that have an ebb and flow, a give and take. See harmony in the way that opposing factors rely on one another to fill the space left by the other. This may help ease anxiety or anger around negative events or emotions, bringing you serenity and a sense of balance to all aspects of your life.

Each bead is skillfully polished individually, then drilled to create this colorful mala necklace. Connected with jewellery elastic, this mala necklace stretches to fit, making it possible to turn into a wrap bracelet. A must-have staple for any jewellery box.

  • Features genuine stones.
  • Strung with:
    • 1x 12mm Black Onyx beads
    • 108x 8mm Black Onyx beads
    • 20x 6mm Gold plated beads
    • 3x 6mm Amethyst beads
    • 3x 6mm Blue Aventurine beads
    • 3x 6mm Blue Lace Agate beads
    • 3x 6mm Green Aventurine beads
    • 3x 6mm Aragonite beads
    • 3x 6mm Carnelian Agate beads
    • 3x 6mm Smoky Quartz beads
  • Length from neck to chest: 510 mm/ 20 in
  • This item includes an information card about malas and the stones in this mala.
  • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item.
  • Designed and Manufactured Exclusively by Rocks and Gems Canada

**This piece contains authentic stones, and no two are exactly alike. The item you receive may have slight variations from the one photographed.

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