Natural Quartz Point with LED Light

Clear or white Quartz is often found in crystal form and is most often sought after for its healing or crystal properties.  Quartz is said to receive, activate, store, transmit and amplify energy.  It is also said to be an emotional balancer as it dispels negativity.  It is the stone used most often for meditation.

This quartz pendant was created by artists to combine the natural beauty of quartz along with the versatility of colour. Some believe this special colored quartz not only possesses the properties of clear quartz, they also believe the quartz now possesses additional properties according to the colour, and when a piece cycles through the various colours of the rainbow, it evokes the power of the seven chakras.
The term Chakra refers to wheels of spiritual power and energy throughout the human body. There are seven main chakras, which align the spine, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. Imagine a swirling wheel of energy where matter and consciousness meet. This invisible energy, called Prana, is vital life force, which keeps us vibrant, healthy, and alive.
Our pendants cycle through the various colours that represent the chakras, including red for the Root Chakra (courage), orange for the Sacral Chakra (creativity), yellow for the Solar Plexus Chakra (strength), green for the Heart Chakra (compassion), light blue for the Throat Chakra (speech, truth), indigo for the Third Eye Chakra (perception), and purple for the Crown Chakra (wisdom). When used together, these colours are meant to remind you of your completeness, and balance your chakras to allow positive energy to flow through you. 

  • Features genuine quartz
  • Approximate dimensions: 50 mm x 13 mm x 13 mm 
  • This item includes a guide on how to use the pendant
  • This item includes an information card about the stone
  • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item


*This piece contains authentic stones, and no two are exactly alike. The item you receive may have slight variations from the one photographed.

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