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Drilled Quartz Necklace

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Quartz is an amazing stone, and most recently it was used as a prop for the newest Star Wars film Rogue One, where it represented a kyber crystal, the mineral that powers Jedi lightsabors as well as the Deathstar. While kyber doesn't exist in our galaxy, quartz is the next best thing. Known as an energy amplifier and cleanser, quartz embodies the Force. 

This particular quartz crystal is completely natural with only a hole drilled through it, and comes tied with black leather in the same style as Jyn Erso's necklace in the film. Quartz is considered the master healer because it balances and revitalizes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Connected to the Crown chakra, clear Quartz aids deep thought and psychic ability. This piece may aid your meditative practice and harmonize your Chakras.


  • Features a genuine stone.
  • Dimensions: stone is approximately 45mm x 20 mm x 15mm. Necklace length is adjustable, starting at 32" (recommended adult) or starting at 24" (recommended child or short adult). Please specify preferred length as a note at checkout, otherwise we will send the larger size.
  • This item includes an information card about the stone.
  • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item.

*This piece contains an authentic stone, and no two are exactly alike. The item you receive may have slight variations from the one photographed.

*This item is a featured favorite of Angela*