Chalcedony is actually a type of agate, which is a member of the quartz family of stones.  Agates are believed to have been formed millions of years ago during volcanic eruptions.  The volcanic lava flows left cavities filled with gas.  As the flows cooled, these cavities allowed for mineral bearing solutions to enter and the combinations of these solutions along with heat, pressure and millions of years allowed the agate or chalcedony to form.  

Chalcedony will come in several different colors including grey, blue, pink, green, orange, and purple. Chalcedony is said to strengthen the body and mind and when worn will give the wearer a sense of clarity so they may decide what they like and don't like. It is also said to help one emotionally and intellectually.  

  • Set in sterling silver with one-micron thick gold finish
  • Approximate dimensions of all gemstones in setting:
    • Gemstones in setting: 18 mm x 13 mm x 4 mm
    • Bail length: 7 mm
  • Genuine blue chalcedony pendant with a faceted finish
  • This item includes an information card about chalcedony
  • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item
  • This stone requires special care - exposure to water and other chemicals, such as lotions or perfumes, will damage it over time. If you polish the jewellery, avoid polishing the stone itself. A silver-cleaning dip should never be used with this piece.

Sterling silver chain with gold finish is not included. It is available for purchase here.

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