Ring Sizing

Ring sizing being simple is one of the biggest myths in jewellery production. When we talk about gold jewellery, it is important to note that gold as a metal has a much lower melting point than silver, making it very easy to work with, so when a customer is inquiring about a ring set in 14 karat gold, ring sizing may be possible.

A silver ring, however, is not a simple fix. The melting point of silver is very high, which means that it must be heated to a much higher temperature in order for the metal to be soft enough to resize. For silver rings with a stone, this high temperature is very likely to break or otherwise ruin the stone, so it must be removed prior to the ring being resized. Most jewellers will not take this risk, as they are just as likely to break the stone removing it from its setting, as they are to damage it during resizing. Our sterling silver rings with a gold plated finish cannot be resized, as this will ruin the gold finish.

There is a tool that most jewellers have that can stretch a ring band up to one-half ring size, and this is the most viable option when customers are talking about resizing a ring. 

The cost to resize a silver ring will vary depending on the jeweller, however most will charge $30 to $50 CAD to resize a ring, so customers shopping for a ring under this price-point should be advised that the cost to resize the ring may be higher than the cost of the ring itself.

In summary, if a customer is talking about resizing a ring, we advise that they DO NOT attempt to do this, as most jewellers are hesitant to resize a silver ring with a stone set into it. The only exception are jewellers that have a specialized spot solder machine, that will use a laser to solder the ring after adjusting the size. This tool does not need to heat the silver the same way, and may make ring sizing possible. We recommend that if our customers do attempt to resize a ring, that they take it to a silversmith specifically, as they are more likely to have these specialized machines. 

If you have concerns about the size of the ring you are purchasing, please reach out to us prior to ordering, as additional sizes may be available. If you are unsure what size ring you need, please see the below instructions on how to measure your ring size at home.


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