Worry Stones

Worry stones are smooth stones with an indent that are said to ease stress and worry. Common to Buddhist meditation, it is said that a monk would start meditating with a smooth, round stone that would be rubbed with the thumb during meditation. Over the course of the monk's life, eventually an indentation would form, and this was a sign that the monk had reached enlightenment. Today, we sell these stones with the indentation already carved. Worry stones make the perfect gift for the worriers, the spiritual nomads, and will help focus those who can't seem to sit still.
32 results
Worry Stone - African Jade
Worry Stone - Amazonite
Worry Stone - Aragonite
Worry Stone - Blue Aventurine
Worry Stone - Carnelian Agate
Worry Stone - Crazy Lace Agate
Worry Stone - Dalmatian Jasper
Worry Stone - Fluorite
Worry Stone - Green Aventurine
Worry Stone - Green Dot Jade
Worry Stone - Green Fluorite
Worry Stone - Hematite
32 results
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