Travel and Protection

Black Tourmaline helps to diminish fear and has a protective energy. Black Tourmaline will help to reduce anxious thinking and help you focus on logical thinking to help you plan a successful trip.

Amethyst is a must have if you are prone to feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Having Amethyst close by is helps to calm your nerves and help you feel comfortable in unfamiliar environments. 

Carnelian Agate has the ability to change any negative energy and turn this into a positive. Carnelian Agate will bring you motivation to take on the challenges of travelling and enjoy every moment and experience that comes your way. 

Moonstone is known as the travelers stone due to its protective qualities, especially for those travelling over water. Moonstone keeps its wearer safe and protected on their journey. A great tip is to add a small piece of moonstone to luggage to help ensure it doesn't get lost.