Ruby is a beautiful deep pink to red coloured stone.  It is a form of the mineral corundum.  A red corundum specimen is called a ruby; a blue corundum specimen is called a sapphire (although sapphires may also occur in pink, blue, green, violet, gray, yellow, plus other colours).  Rubies are very hard; they are 9 hardness on the Moh’s scale.  Only diamonds are harder.

Ruby is mentioned in the Bible as the most precious of all gemstones.  It is a stone that has been worn by kings and queens throughout the ages.  Ancient Egyptians believed that the ruby could provide physical protection and good fortune.  Some ancient cultures believed that the ruby contained the bloodline of humanity, others believed that some rubies contained an inner fire, and that this fire could sometimes boil water and melt wax.  The ancients believed that the ruby could provide heat and warmth.  One must assume that the ancients based these beliefs on the fire red or blood red colour of the ruby. 

Today, some believe that a ruby may make one feel giving and happy.  It is said to enhance your ability to be warm and caring. 

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