Confidence and Happiness

Citrine can help you to release stress and the feeling of overwhelm, and promote feelings of joy and happiness. Its vibrant energy enables you to see the positive aspects of your life and uplift your spirits.

Amethyst calming properties promote overall happiness and enhances emotional regulation. Amethyst is primarily used for dispelling anxiety, leading to a more outgoing and bright personality. 

Amazonite  is known as the "stone of hope". It inspires a hopeful, empowering mindset so you can move forward with optimism. Working with this crystal will train your mind to expect positive outcomes.

Blue Topaz has a calming and soothing energy, which helps convey confidence. Keeping blue topaz close gives you the feeling of calm confidence, because of its ability to unblock a blocked throat chakra.

Carnelian Agate is known as one of the "stones of luck", but is most often known as a symbol of both joy and happiness. Removing doubt in both yourself and the people you trust, Carnelian Agate is perfect for elevating your mental state.