Jaw Droppers

A beautiful array of collectible fossil and mineral wall pieces.
Ideal for any one who needs to add flare and conversation pieces to their home.

These pieces are one of a kind, natural and eye catching, and perfect way to start or add to your collection. 

Please email sales@rocksandgemscanada.com for information on shipping these items, as well as terms and conditions and proper care for your piece. 

18 results
Fossilized Ursus Spelaeus/ Cave Bear Full Skeleton Specimen
Fossil Crinoids
Fossil Crinoids
Ammonite Placenticeras with Ammolite
Fossilized Ursus Spelaeus/ Cave Bear Skull Specimen
Fossilized Ursus Spelaeus/ Cave Bear Skull Juvenile Specimen
Paradoxides Trilobite Plate
Gibeon Meteorite Egg
Amethyst Geode Crystal Skull
Gibeon Meteorite Egg
Cave Bear Jaw
Gibeon Meteorite Egg
18 results
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