Clear or White Quartz

Stunning natural quartz pieces. Quartz is a natural amplifier of energy and cleanser of negativity, which makes it perfect for collectors, Reiki healers, and energy enthusiasts.
120 results
Amazonite with Quartz Beaded Bracelet - High Quality
Quartz Gratitude Stone
Clear Quartz Heart
Clear Quartz Heart
From $25.00
Quartz Point, Moonstone and Labradorite Ring
Quartz Faceted Beaded Bracelet
Quartz Pendulum with Chakra Bracelet Conversion
LED Quartz Point Pendant
Convertible Quartz Point Necklace - Gold
Convertible Quartz Point Necklace - Silver
Quartz Cluster
Natural Double Terminated Quartz at $25 Each - High Quality
Natural Double Terminated Twin Point Quartz - High Quality
120 results
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