What makes Moldavite so unique?

What makes Moldavite so unique?

Moldavite has grown in popularity over the last few years and we have seen prices drastically increase due to the increasing demand. If you haven't yet heard of Moldavite or are wondering what all the fuss is about, you'll find this one an interesting read!

1. Creation
The first point of interest is the creation of Moldavite and how the tektite reached earth. A tektite is theorised to have formed when a meteorite hit the earth and large amounts of sand and debris were thrown high into orbit in the stratosphere. This material then re-entered the atmosphere and fell back to the earth. As it re-entered, it was subjected to high temperatures. A glass-like material was then formed from the falling debris that is called a tektite.

This tektite then took on the name of Moldavite as it was discovered in Moldavia. Scientists believe the Moldavite was formed from a meteorite impact 14.8 million years ago. This makes it incredibly desirable as it differs from other gemstones which occur naturally within the world. 

This meteorite was large as the Moldavite debris spread out over hundreds of miles. The meteorite primarily crashed into Germany, but its pieces have scattered as far as Czech Republic and Austria. This means there are multiple places to find Moldavite, however it is becoming more difficult to find and miners find it difficult to know the exact locations to start mining.

2. Scarcity
Due to the unique way in which Moldavite is created, there will only ever be the pieces that exist today. Due to the limited number of Moldavite pieces in the world, it's likely to no longer be found which means any pieces that are found are very valuable. This makes it an item that is sought after by collectors which increases the prices due to the increase in demand. 

3. Appearance

If you've seen Moldavite, you'll agree that it has a quirky appearance. Moldavite is a rare olive green substance that has a glass-like appearance. The best pieces are a deep rich green. Due to its appearance and texture, extracting Moldavite is challenging and complex as it is so delicate, which again adds to the value of Moldavite. 

4. Healing Properties

Aside from being a collectors piece, others are drawn to the mysterious stone for its spiritual and personal transformation qualities. This adds to Moldavite's expense as it is incredibly desirable within the spiritual community. Moldavite has a high frequency and many experience its power when holding it. Some people experience the "Moldavite Flush" when they first touch Moldavite as it can let off a warm sensation, this can send a tingling, light headed sensation through the body as there is an energy shift.

Moldavite is known to bring about dramatic changes and transformations with its mental and emotional healing properties. It is said to activate all the Chakras and is good for the crown, third eye and heart chakra. Moldavite is beneficial for those who wish to accelerate their spiritual and emotional journeys as it assists with uncovering feelings or emotions that are currently keeping you in an unhappy state. It aids you in going deeper to uncover untouched traumas that you may be carrying to help you see where you need to heal. By uncovering these emotions you are able to move forward and overcome these feelings. In addition to this, it is said to raise your self-awareness and open up the heart to help you with spiritual pursuits. 

Moldavite is powerful and is not a beginner stone, it's there for those that wish to accelerate their healing journey and invest in themselves. If you are ready to reach your full potential, Moldavite is there to aid you and amplify your journey. In the near future, Moldavite will become incredibly scarce and the value of each piece will increase. This makes Moldavite a collectors piece as well as an investment in oneself.  

Moldavite is unique and provides difference experiences to all, we would therefore love to hear yours! Have you experienced the "Moldavite Flush"? Are you intrigued by Moldavite? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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