Our Top 10 Gifts for Kids!

Our Top 10 Gifts for Kids!

It's that time of year again, and if you're looking for gifting inspiration for kids, look no further than our handy guide.

To make online shopping with us a breeze, we have compiled an entire collection of gifts that are perfect for kids at Christmas time. Read on to find out our top 10 gifts from the collection. 

Geode Pack
Our most popular gift is the 'Crack Your Own' geode pack. Available in two pack sizes; small or large, these are a fun project and you end up with beautiful geodes that you can place on a bedside table, desk or in the window. Cover the geode with a piece of cloth, then slightly tap it with a hammer, and a chisel if you have it, to open up the mysteries of the geodes. The majority of the geodes will be filled with white quartz crystals - view the photos on our website to see what might be found inside!

2. Stocking Stuffer Gift Pack

Stocking stuffer gift pack with meteorites, tumble stones and fluorite

Looking for a quick and easy stocking stuffer, this gift pack has three small kits perfect for slipping into a stocking.

A website exclusive, this pack includes:

1 x Mini Campo Meteorite Kit - Set of Three
1 x 5 Tumble Pouch exclusive - amethyst, carnelian agate, citrine, green aventurine and gold tiger eye
1 x Raw Fluorite Kit 
Perfect for stocking stuffers or as a standalone gift, this pack is sure to excite.
Valued at $32, save $3!
Mini Formations Kit

There's no doubt that kids love small items, knick knacks and special treasures and this mini pack is perfect for this. Each piece comes with an interesting information card. 

A website exclusive, this kit includes:

1 x Mini Bismuth crystal
1 x Mini Copper piece
1 x Mini Shungite piece
Small Fossils

What could be cooler than 3 mini genuine fossils? If your child loves dinosaurs, science or knick knacks this could be a great way to spark the imagination.

 A website exclusive, this kit includes:

1 x Mini Fossilized Otodus/Lamna Shark Tooth
1 x Mini Fossilized Mosasaur Tooth
1 x Mini Fossilized Trilobite Phacops
Each fossil is genuine and comes with an interesting information card about the fossil. 

5. Crystal Keychain

Crystal Keychains

Keychains are always useful to have and these beautiful, natural crystals are perfect for a fun gift. Each keychain features a stunning crystal with the choice of amethyst, citrine or clear quartz.

Meteorites and Keychain


Kids love outer space and what could be cooler than a piece of space! This kit has a small meteorite specimen, small tektite (result of meteorite impact) and a cool black keychain). 

A website exclusive, this kit includes:

1 x Mini Campo Del Cielo meteorite specimen
1 x Mini Tumbled Black Tektite specimen
1 x Black Agate Tumble Keychain

Each item is genuine and comes with an interesting information card about the meteorite, tektite and agate. This kit is great as a stocking stuffer as it includes a handy keychain.

7. Mineral Collection

Mineral Collection

Perfect for a stocking stuffer or a standalone gift, this pack features lots of different minerals that are sure to inspire.

A special pack for the mineral lovers including fifteen identified mineral specimens, and one 4 1/2X magnifier. Each pack includes the following minerals: agate, alabaster, calcite, fluorite, gold ore, jasper, lava, lepidolite, marble, obsidian, pumice, pyrite, quartz, selenite and sodalite.

8. Science Collection Gift Pack

Science Gift Pack

This gift pack includes an interactive kit called the Lightning Stone/Lodestone which is a naturally magnetic stone. You can conduct experiments with the stone thanks to suggestions on the back of the pack. We have combined this with a fossil pack and meteorite pack to truly inspire the imagination.

A website exclusive, this set includes:

1 x Mixed Small Shark Teeth Kit
1 x Mini Campo Meteorite - Set of Three Kit
1 x Lightning Stone Kit 

Perfect for stocking stuffers or as a standalone gift, this pack is sure to inspire!

9. Bubble Rock Kit

Bubble Rock

A special educational kit for those who love scientific experiments - with this kit you can grow your own crystal! This natural mineral from Utah, when exposed to vinegar, will begin to grow beautiful white crystals. Similar geological reactions have created fascinating crystal formations within caves around the world. 

Once the crystals have grown on the rock, it can be kept and displayed - it's the gift that keeps on giving!

10. Fossil Collection

Fossil Collection

A special pack for the fossil lovers, this pack includes twelve identified fossil specimens. Each pack contains the following fossils: algae, ammonite, brachiopod, crinoid stem, dinosaur bone, gastropod, horn coral, petrified wood, sea urchin, shark teeth, trilobite and turritela. 

There are so many items to choose from, we have a whole gift collection for kids to help you out. Click here and happy shopping!


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