Kyanite: What is it and why is it an essential mineral for your collection?

Kyanite: What is it and why is it an essential mineral for your collection?

You might not be familiar with Kyanite but there's every possibility you've come into contact with it without knowing!

The name ‘Kyanite’ is derived from the Greek term 'cyanos', meaning ‘blue’. Kyanite is a transparent/translucent fibrous mineral, most famously found with a blue colouring, and elongated, bladed crystals. A beautiful mineral, kyanite can display a pearly luster when polished.

Kyanite Cluster

Increasing in popularity as a collectable and beautiful mineral, kyanite is used primarily in refractory and ceramic products, including porcelain plumbing fixtures and dinnerware. It is also used in electrical insulators and abrasives. 
It is actually used to manufacture products used in the automotive and railroad industries where heat resistance is important. So you might have been in a car or train and kyanite had a part to play in getting you to your destination!

Kyanite has many healing properties, making it a beautiful addition to your crystal and mineral healing collection. Kyanite is calming; bringing tranquility, driving away anger, frustration, confusion and stress. Often used in meditation, it promotes dream recall and is said to not retain or accumulate negative energies. Associated with the throat chakra, it encourages communication and self-expression.

Kyanite Blade

For the science buffs, it is in fact an aluminum silicate mineral—typically found in aluminum-rich metamorphic pegmatites and sedimentary rock. With a hardness of 4.5-7.0 on the Mohs Scale (4.5 on the hardness scale along the length of the crystal, and a 7 across the width--Because of this rare variation in hardness, kyanite is also known as disthene, meaning “two-strengths”.

Kyanite can also be found in shades of green, yellow, orange, black, and white (although blue is still the most sought after). Our Kyanite is sourced out of Brazil, but other localities for the mineral include Nepal, Switzerland, Russia and Cambodia.

Paraiba Blue Kyanite Cluster

If you are looking for a bright, light blue variety of kyanite, we have Paraiba Blue Kyanite. This is found in the Brazilian state of Paraiba and it contains black tourmaline, graphite and clear quartz in its composition, and combines the properties of each.
Black Tourmaline: Protection
Graphite: Reduce anger, aids in concentration and thought stimulation
Quartz: Sends, receives, stores and amplifies energy

Whether you're looking for a beautiful cluster to add to your collection, or a cool, calming energy for your home, kyanite is the perfect addition. Check out our latest additions in our collection here.

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