Introduction to Crystal Cleansing

Introduction to Crystal Cleansing

Since the beginning of time, humans have been using crystals to tap into the metaphysical realm, and alleviate the symptoms of a hectic world and busy mind. Crystals are meant to absorb a wide range of energies—both the positive, and the negative. Whether you’re just starting your crystal journey, or are a crystal guru, in order to ensure you are maximizing your healing potential, is to cleanse your crystals of the energies absorbed over time, and start with a clean slate. There are multiple different ways to cleanse your crystals; explore different methods to find a ritual that works for you and won't damage your crystals: 

Cleansing with Water:

Using natural running water sources, such as a stream or gentle river, will help neutralize your crystals of any energies that have been collected. If a stream or river isn't accessible to you, a faucet does work as an alternative. To cleanse, completely submerge your water-safe crystals for 1-2 minutes, and let the power of nature wash away any collected energy. Once the energy has been neutralized, pat your crystal dry. Make sure you’re using your water safe crystals for this method, such as Quartz, Amethyst or Aventurine and avoiding stones that are porous, softer stones, or those that have a high metal and/or water content, such as Opal, Selenite, or Pyrite.

Quartz Point on water

Cleansing with Salt:

Another method to draw out energies from your crystals is to use Salt- salt cleansing has been around for centuries, and still remains popular to this day. This method calls for sea-salt, or Himalayan salt as they tend to be less processed than more common table salt, however if this is all you have available feel free to give it a try! Fill a glass bowl partially full with your salt and either place your crystals on the salts surface, or even submerge them completely. Allow time for the salt to purge all energies—place your salt in a secure location and leave overnight and awaken to a clean slate. Tread carefully when using salt to cleanse crystals as salt is abrasive and can scratch the surface of a softer stone, and can be damaging for stones with a higher metal content, or those encased in metal or silver such as a pendant or a ring. Stick with harder stones like Rose Quartz, Amethyst or Jasper and avoid porous, treated or softer stones such as Selenite, Hematite or Calcite.

Amethyst and rose quartz in salt in a shell

Cleansing with Smoke:

Cleansing with smoke is perfect for crystals that are more fragile (or for jewelry encased in metal, which is unsuitable for water or salt cleansing) when you need to cleanse a large collection of crystals, or larger, un-moveable showcase pieces. This method is perfect if you are new to crystal cleansing, as this can be used for all different types of crystals. You can use bundled or loose sage, your favorite type of incense, or a piece of sustainably collected organic material, such as cedar. Taking your crystals outside into nature works best for this method (as well is safer than indoors!), however if you or your crystals can’t make it outside, utilize a well-ventilated area and an open window(!) to ensure proper ventilation. If you are using loose material, all you need is a little bit—we are looking for smoke here, not fire! In a fire safe bowl, or Abalone shell, light a small portion of material using either matches or a lighter. Once the material has been lit ensure any flames have been properly extinguished, leaving behind a smoldering product. Allow the smoke to fully envelop your crystals—if cleansing a collection or large piece, you can use a fan to gently waft the streams of smoke over the crystal. Calm your mind and focus on the cleansing at hand, and use your intuition to guide you through the cleansing process—your intuition should be enough to know when the ritual is complete.

Cleansing with Selenite:

Selenite is famous for its cleansing and purifying abilities—which makes it the perfect partner when it comes to cleansing crystals. This is perhaps one of the simplest methods of cleansing—all you need is a Selenite plate (You can find these options available for purchase on our website here , if you haven’t added one of these to your collection just yet!) and whatever crystals you are looking to cleanse. Place your crystals on top of your selenite piece, and wait roughly 24 hours for the cleansing to take place. It's that simple!

There are many different methods you can use-- it may take some trial and error to find what methods works best for you, and the type of stones you are cleansing. We wish you good vibes on your healing journey!

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