Aquamarine: What's the History?

Aquamarine: What's the History?

Aquamarine is a famous light blue to light blue-green stone which ranges in tones and saturation, although most is a light blue colour. It is the birthstone for March and it's name stems from the Latin Aqua Marina meaning sea water.

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Traditionally given on a 19th wedding anniversary - legend states it brings about a happy marriage and ‘calms stormy waters’.

It is highly transparent and forms in a beryl shape, similar to emerald or tourmaline. Aquamarine is the blue form of the mineral, Beryl and is related to stones like morganite or emerald. Another similar stone is blue topaz, which can be used as an alternative option to aquamarine. Aquamarine gains its colour due to the level of iron. With a hardness of 5-8 on the Mohs scale.

The main source of Aquamarine is Brazil but it can also be found in Nigeria, Madagascar and Pakistan.

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Aquamarine is known as the ‘Stone of Courage’ and builds inner strength. It is also a sign of youth, hope, health and fidelity. It has a calming energy and reduces stress and quiets the mind. Connected to the throat chakra it also aids in open communication.

Thanks to it's name and history, it is a protective talisman for marine travel, and for sailors and fishermen. They will often carry a piece of aquamarine in their pocket or some boats have even been known to have a piece of aquamarine put into the woodwork to help protect all on board. 

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