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Chevy lovers beware...
Fordite is a very unique and interesting Jewellry piece.
You will not find this substance in a stone or mineral guide book. Fordite is actually from a Ford auto plant. Durning the 1960s, the spary paint from painting the vechicles would build up on the walls of the factory. Overtime this overspray paint collected and got thick on the walls, and had to be scrapped off. A worker has been collecting these amazing layers of paint over the years, therefore Fordite became a great idea for Jewellery and other collectors pieces. Mondern technology has made the painting process easy so there is no more overspay, so this material is not available anymore. For those who are into cars, you can easily pick out the colors from the cars from that era. Some people have come into to take a peak at Fordite will often say " Hay that is the exact color of my Ford Galaxie 500XL Skyliner" or " That metallic color was the same as the paint on my dads Edsel Ranger 4-door!" Very neat how people can relate to the wonderful colors of this amazing material.
We have them available in our Category " Stones and Minerals" Check them out.

New Jewellery!
We have added some New Jewellery into our category "Stone and Mineral Jewellry" We got some beautiful Ocean Jasper, Rutilated Quartz and much more now for sale. People are generally buying more Stone Jewellry these days, they are a good investment and super trendy. Celebrities are dropping the diamonds and picking up the gemstones for award shows, photo shoots and just daily outings. Multistone Pendants are what people are starting to directly ask for. Lucky for you, we have some. Check them out!
New Blog
Exciting New items are posted in our Category " Collectors"
Fossils are such an interesting part of life, they provide us with knowledge of what the world was like Millions of years ago. Each one of our new images in  " Collectors" has it's own story to tell. They are beautiful in your home as a conversation piece or simply a stunning addition to your home reno. We have a beautiful Mammath Tusk, Fossilized Ivry that gets alot of attention. People often comment on how amazing it is to see one up close and have it in such great condition.  Let us know what you think of our fossils, Follow us on Twitter & Tweet us you thoughts -RockPaperSilverBanff , @RPSBANFF, and -RocksandGemsBanff, @RocksGemsBanff  
Shark Teeth
We have some great looking shark teeth available here and also in our 4 stores.
Megalodon teeth are Fossilized shark teeth that date between 15 - 25 million years old. Carcharadon Megalodon  are ancient sharks who would grow up to 50 feet in length. Like our shark today, they had many rows of sharp teeth. If they loose a tooth due to biting into prey, another tooth  from the second row will replace the missing tooth in 4 minutes! Often why we do find so many of these great teeth.  Carcharadon teeth are found  in Florida, California and The Hawthorn formation, St. Helena Sound, Beaufort and South Carolina. These teeth have a single point, often with serrated edges. These teeth vary in size from small to large and the end of the tooth the root is often preserved. These Megalodon teeth are often darker in color, with the exception of teeth found in California, to which the teeth are often beige in color. We have lots of great teeth in our " Teeth and Bone" section of our Fossils.
12 days till Christmas!
We have recently added some new Jewellry to our website. Stone and Mineral Jewellry are both elegant and one of a kind!. We have added Beautiful Labradorite ( proudly from Labrador NFL ) , everyone's favorite Moonstone and lastly some elegant Quartz points. These pieces are all new to the website and worth having a look at. If you are gift buying this season, have a look through our new category "Stones and Mineral Jewellry" on our homepage, to find that perfect piece for someone special. Remember, we will gift wrap your gift apon special request. 12 days left until the big day. Get them in fast!
That time of year!
It is that time of year when we are thinking about Christmas, but we all think it is still to early to start our Christmas shopping. Did you know that it is only 41 days from today? (Nov 14). If you do have family and friends that live far away, you don't have to wait in those long post office lines to send them a gift. Have a look through our website and find the perfect gift. We will do the shipping while you stay in the comfort of your own home!
Fish Fossils
Summer was still hanging around for us here in Banff, but it seems that Fall weather is taking over these couple of days. We had a great summer this year and met alot of great people. There was a great deal of interest on our fish fossils. The Green River in Wyoming had preserved wonderful Fish fossils. The area is called Fossil Lake, it was an ancient large lake that was located near erupting volcanoes. The fossil are believed to be 40-50 million years old and scientists believe that these ancient fish behaved a lot like the fish of today.
The pieces are very unique, and we have beautiful wall pieces that stir an interest with just about everyone. We do sell individual pieces of lots of different kinds of fish that make great gifts for those with an interest in fossils. We have a beautiful Aquarium Plate and Fish Fossil Mural located in "Collectors" on our home page to get an idea of how beautiful these fish really are.

It is an Awesome day here in Banff Alberta, lots of happy people soaking up that sunshine. Its great to have the kids come into our stores and be so excited to give us their knowledge on Fossils and Stones. Amber seems to be of the favorite piece of jewellery bought at our stores. The fossilized tree sap knowen as Amber is a common "must have" as soon as you see it. Congnac Amber is the most common color, with Green, Cherry and Lemon making a huge impression as well. Lots of people relate Amber to the famous movie "Jurassic Park".
It can also contain insects and other plants that are preserved inside the sap for millions of years. It looks great with set in Sterling Silver and seems to make the best gift to buy others since the colors can suit everyones taste!
We have lots of Amber and check out "Amber Jewellry" on our home page and see for your self what everyone is crazy about.

Happy Canada Day!
Happy Canada Day to all !
Its a great day to celebrate Canada's Birthday here in Banff
Our stores are busy with shoppers and our staff are happy and excited to serve them. We are very proud to have Canadian Stones and  some Canadian Trilobites and Fossil leafs in our stores. Check out our Canadian Fossil leafs under the "Misc Fossils" to get a closer look of what Canada has preserved for us 280 million years ago! Also if you are here in Banff, our stores are located on 221 Banff ave -Rock Paper Silver , 201 Banff Ave - Silver City Merchantile, and 137 Banff Ave - Rocks and Gems Canada. This are GREAT locations to watch the Canada Day Parade at 5:00. Get here early and come in and celebrate the day with us.
Have a Great Day !

Summer if finally here, we have some nice hot days and the trees are back into full bloom. Summer is usually our busy time in our stores, lots of people visiting from near and far, Which means we sell lots of our gemstone called "Ammolite". People seem to be more educated on Ammolite in the summer due to it being mentioned more on their tours, at their hotels or simply researching our "Alberta Gemstone" before visiting Alberta. Ammolite comes from the fossil Ammonite. Ammonite fossils are ancient shells that inhabited a shallow sea that covered southern Alberta between 70 and 135 million years ago!. The best ammolite stone will have very bright colors. It is a mulit-color organic gemstone that comes in green, red, yellow, orange and more rarley in blue and purple. Ammonite shells are found all over the world, but in southern Alberta is the only place in where the shells fossilize into the beautiful bright colors, to which experts are still not sure why this fossilization process varies from other ammonites found around the world. Only 5% of ammonites in southern Alberta have "Ammolite" color, and only a small percentage of these are suitable to be made into jewellery, and are often found close to river banks or up to seventy-five feet underground. The actual colors change and dance as you move the stone in different directions ,which is eye catching and usually will strike up conversation for those who wear it. Different shades and patterns suit different tastes, to which there is always a shade and pattern to suit everyone. Have a look for your self, click on "Jewellry" on our homepage to see get a closer look at our Alberta gemstone.
May Long Weekend
Thanks To all our great May Long Weekend shoppers!
It was nice to see familiar faces come back to visit us.
We had alot of people interested in our fossil collections, Especially
our Orthoceras fossils! For those of you who did not make it into
our store to get educated on this particular fossil, Orthoceras is a fossilized
squid that lived from 345 million to 395 million years ago. Like the modern squid, the Orthoceras would shoot ink to scare off predators. To move it would suck water in one end and shoot it out the other, the action being similar to that of a jet engine! Check out  the Orthoceras under the "Misc Fossil" and "Collectors" sections of the website.
Alot of Children this weekend were very knowledgeable about fossils, minerals and stones, and it was awesome to have them explain what they learned about them in school and from their own personal rock collections. Keep up the great work and come see us again soon!
Thank You
Sunny days and busy streets are happening here in Banff, people visiting from near and far. We love to hear " We always have to stop into your stores when we are visiting Banff! " Thank you for always stopping in to see us. We love to educate you on our huge selection of beautiful Jewelery, Fossils, Rocks and Mineral collection!
Our New Website
Welcome to the all new Rocks and Gems Canada Website!  We have multiple locations in Canada, including Banff and are now offering AMBER Jewelry online for you.  Please browse our online store and find the perfect Amber gift! 
Amber: Cognac, Butterscotch, Milk, Lemon, Green, and Cherry Varieties
Amber is a rare and unusual substance; it is a fossilized tree resin or sap.  Ancient forests were believed to be very dense and only the strongest trees would survive. If a tree were wounded it would produce healing resin or sap in great quantities. The pinus succinfera or “Amber Pine” as it was more commonly called was one of these trees.  Through the passage of time this sap hardened and fossilized.  Amber may be anywhere from 1 million years old to 200 million years old; however, most amber today is 30 million to 60 million years old.
Amber may be found in several different colours, including creamy white-yellows (butterscotch), green, lemon (yellow), cherry (red), and orange/ browns called cognac.  Amber experts estimate there are over 200 subtle shades of amber. Amber may be found with pine needles, leaves and sunspangles (inclusions caused by heat that resemble fish scales).  On occasion, amber is found with insects preserved inside.
Amber jewellery from as long ago as 8000 B.C. has turned up in graves in northern Europe. Stone age graves in Europe indicate that numerous tribes, obviously in awe of amber’s unusual properties, wore pieces as amulets to ward off evil spirits.  In ancient Rome, gladiators fought in clothing studded with amber for luck.  Amber was also used to make spindles for spinning as spirits were thought to place hexes on thread, and amber would nullify the hex. Ancient Egyptians also treasured amber.  Amber may have been used as an early form of currency, it is also believed that an amber trinket was once worth more than a slave in ancient times.  It was during the Middle Ages when guilds of amber artisans sprang up.  They supplied finely crafted rosaries, chalices, and crosses made of amber.  Amber was bartered extensively for iron, copper, and bronze.
Amber was also believed to have medicinal properties.  Amber was hung around the neck for tonsillitis, fever, and other ailments.  Ground up with honey and rose oil, it was said to combat ear infections and poor eyesight. Some believe it may help with allergies, and may help your overall sense of well being. Whatever your beliefs, may you enjoy your piece of amber.