These are a naturally occurring crystal formation; they are sometimes called cactus quartz. These unusual crystals grew to be a quartz or amethyst point, and then had other tiny druzy crystal points grow out of the sides of the point, usually leaving the quartz point tip intact. Imagine a quartz point growing, it then has druzy crystals grow on the face of the crystal. These crystals are very rare and very unusual. On occasion the spirit crystals are plated with vaporized metals to add to their mystique.

Spirit crystals can be used in meditation to provide insights to family and/or community problems, they are good stones for bringing people together. They are also said to enhance energy, they are powerful healers and energizers.

Keeping a spirit crystal near you may intensify your dreams. They are sought after by collectors. Whatever your beliefs, may you enjoy your spirit quartz.

  • Dimensions: 50 mm x 28 mm x 25 mm
  • Features a genuine stone
  • This item includes an information card about the stone
  • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item

This stone requires special care - exposure to water and other chemicals, such as lotions or perfumes, will damage it over time. If you polish the jewellery, avoid polishing the stone itself. A silver-cleaning dip should never be used with this piece.

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