Rose quartz is a pink colored semi-precious gemstone.  The pink color is caused by traces of manganese or titanium and will range from a light to dark pink color. The stone makes beautiful jewellery once it has been cut and polished. It is also used in massive form to make candle holders, and it may be carved into unusual shapes by expert craftsmen.  

Rose quartz may be found in British Columbia, Canada but is better known from other sources around the world.  

Some believe the stone can cool a hot temper and enhance self-confidence and creativity.  It is also said to help clear stored anger, resentment, guilt and fear and will reduce stress and tension.  It is also worn for meditation purposes.

The term girasol describes any mineral that displays the girasol effect: an internal floating glow that moves with changes in the light, often white, blue, or golden yellow in colour. The stone’s milky color and optical phenomena are both produced by light scattering off the microscopic fibres within it.
From the Italian girasole, “turn towards the Sun”, girasol quartz could be considered a solar mineral, as the internal glow of the girasol effect moves with the light. The sun is an ancient symbol of the Divine and reflective materials represent devotion. Girasol quartz can be used for spiritual development, protection, and psychic development, and is an excellent conduit during meditation, as it helps tap into the flow of universal energy.

The sphere represents completion, the realization of all possibilities. To carve a sphere one must cut away a mass of rock which can be as much as ten times the finished creation. Thus a sphere symbolizes all that we need to release in order to reach our goals and attain perfection. Many use a sphere while meditating as they believe it helps to release worry and may help to take them to a deeper state. A sphere is also the perfect centerpiece for a crystal arrangement or rock altar. In feng shui, the ancient art of creating optimal energy flow in an environment, a sphere is ideal to place in the center of a room for its balancing abilities.

  • Dimensions: 72 mm 
    • Genuine rose quartz
    • This item includes an information card about rose quartz
    • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item
    • A plastic display stand is included with this item
    This stone requires special care - exposure to water and other chemicals, such as cleaning products or aerosols, will damage it over time. If you polish the stone, use a dry cloth only, or an air duster that does not contain any disinfectant or other chemicals.

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