Massage wands are used to channel energy in reflexology and massage. They have a pointy edge on one side, while the opposite side is all polished to massage certain pressure points on the body to relieve stress and tension and heal your ailments. 

Wands were traditional tools for healers and shamans. They focus and direct energy through the tip or round end. Some believe the shaman would use the massage wand to be able to concentrate positive energy where it is needed or extract and dissipate negative energy. Recently, wands have become a popular healing tool. They are used in massage and sometimes in conjunction with aromatherapy oils. Pressure points on the body called chakras are often massaged to heal to heal and improve quality of life for the recipient.

Quartz is said to receive, activate, store, transmit and amplify energy.  It is also said to be an emotional balancer as it dispels negativity.  It is the stone used most often for meditation.

  • Dimensions: 95 mm x 15 mm x 30 mm.
    • Genuine stone.
    • This item includes an information card about the stone.
    • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item.

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