This Paradoxides Trilobite plate is the perfect piece for the fossil collector in your family. 

Paradoxides are a large type of trilobite, and are considered to be a primitive 'un-evolved' trilobite. This is because they lack the distinctive eyes found on later trilobites. They are approximately 530 million to 550 million years old.

The trilobite is an extinct creature, the word tri-lobe-ite referring to the three part skeleton of the creature.  The trilobite was divided into the cephalon (head), segmented thorax (body) and pygidium (tail).  The body was protected by a hard shell, believed to be made of calcite.  The trilobites that are fossilized are the remains of this hard shell.  The trilobite would molt and lose the shell several times during its lifetime as this hard shell would not grow with the creature.  Thus, one trilobite may have left behind many fossils over the course of its lifetime.  That is also why many specimens are fragmented, as this molting process would take time and the pieces would not fall off as perfect fossil specimens.  A perfect fossil is more difficult to find. 

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