Aventurine is a type of quartz.  Mica and fuchsite particles in the quartz give the stone its various colours and slight sparkle. Although green is the most common colour, aventurine can also occur in reddish-orange tones (caused by hematite in the stone), blue tones, purples, pinks, and reds (caused by iron). These attractive colours make aventurine one of the more colorful of the semi-precious stones yet it is still not readily recognized by the general public.  The stone is found worldwide.  

The sphere represents completion, the realization of all possibilities. To carve a sphere one must cut away a mass of rock which can be as much as ten times the finished creation. Thus a sphere symbolizes all that we need to release in order to reach our goals and attain perfection.

Many use a sphere while meditating as they believe it helps to release worry and may help to take them to a deeper state. A sphere is also the perfect centerpiece for a crystal arrangement or rock altar. In feng shui, the ancient art of creating optimal energy flow in an environment, a sphere is ideal to place in the center of a room for its balancing abilities.

The name aventurine comes from the Italian word “a ventura” meaning “by chance.” Sometimes a gamble may look less like a game, and more like a fork in the road; a time when you have to decide between something secure, or taking a risk. Aventurine reminds you of the benefits of risk-taking and allowing luck into your life. Aventurine is also believed by some to instill positive attitudes toward life, as well as emotional tranquillity.

  • Dimensions: 100 mm diameter
  • Weight: 1.55 kg
  • Genuine hand carved sphere
  • This item includes an information card about the stone
  • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item
  • A plastic display stand is included with this item

This stone requires special care - exposure to chemicals, such as cleaning products or aerosols, will damage it over time. If you clean the item, you can put it under running water for a few minutes, or simply use a dry cloth, or an air duster that does not contain any disinfectant or other chemicals

*Item discounted due to small scratches and imperfections as sphere is hand carved.

**These are a website exclusive item and cannot be found in our stores.

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