This sterling silver necklace and earring set features dendritic opal, rainbow moonstone, and blue topaz gemstones.

This extraordinary white stone often comes in clear or translucent pieces; other pieces are a more solid white. The truly distinctive characteristic of the dendritic opal are the small black lines or dendrites that mark the stone.These sometimes form unique patterns and scenes within the rock. Dendritic opal may help you to remain open and approachable; it can be used as a stone to help cleanse your body.

Moonstone is an unusual stone. A variety of feldspar, it can come in several different colors, such as pink, blue, green, gold, and white. Rainbow moonstone is often white with a blue sheen or shine to it. Often moonstone will have a chatoyant flash or sheen to it, which makes each stone unique. Moonstone is believed to help balance yin and yang, open your heart to love, to your feelings, and make you a more sensitive person. Moonstone is a visionary stone, used to eliminate tunnel vision and to help one achieve their goals. 

Topaz has been prized as a gemstone throughout the ages, and comes in a variety of colours, including yellow, brownish-yellow, pink, green, orange, colorless and blue.  Blue topaz may be found along the western coast of North America but the primary source remains South America and Russia. Some believe that blue topaz will aid in tissue regeneration and enhance the metabolism.  They also believe it may enhance self confidence and may help one to gain wisdom and insight more easily. 

*Bracelet is not included in set. If you are interested in this additional item, please inquire with for a quote.

  • Set in sterling silver.
  • Features genuine stones.
  • This item includes an information card about the stone.
  • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item.

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