Beautiful Morado Opal Necklace. "Morado" is the Spanish word for "purple" and hails from central Mexico.   These regally colored gems are a unique member of the opal family with their all-natural colors varying from spirited deep violets to bright lavenders, many with fascinating patterns of white traversing throughout the gem. Owing their unique coloring to the presence of fluorite as well as quartz, Morado Opals are also a bit more durable than most opals due to their quartz content and lower water amounts within their crystals. If you have difficulty setting up your personal boundaries, this Opal will be helpful. It will make your interactions with others much less emotional for you and can help you gain prosperity.  This crystal can help you understand the sciences better. Morado Opal also helps dispel sadness and/or the loss of another.

Set in Sterling Silver.

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