Sericho meteorites are among the most recent meteorite finds. These incredible specimens were discovered at the end of 2016 near a small town called Habaswein in Kenya, Africa. Two brothers were looking for their camels when they came across a number of large stones. As there were no other stones in the area, they suspected that these must be meteorites. After a few weeks of collecting the specimens they brought the pieces to their home in Habaswein. After investigating the stones, these specimens were officially classified as meteorites. Originally called “Habaswein meteorite”, this fall was later renamed “Sericho” after the Keynesian area where the impact took place.

Sericho is a rare type of meteorite called a pallasite. Both a metal and a stone, pallasites sometimes contain peridot or olivine and are sought after by collectors. This Sericho meteorite is classified as a stony iron meteorite.

 As this meteorite is composed mostly of iron, care must be taken to prevent the piece from rusting.  Direct exposure to water is not recommended.  Oil the piece regularly with mineral oil or olive oil. Do not leave the piece laying around on wet surfaces.  

Enjoy your meteorite as it is a piece of the history of the universe.  It is a truly unique collector’s piece, and it may be enjoyed for years to come.  Your meteorite should last a lifetime, as it is already billions of years old.

  • Dimensions: 65 mm x 72 mm x 3 mm.
  • Genuine meteorite specimen.
  • This item includes an information card about the meteorite.
  • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item.
  • Plastic stand included.
  • This meteorite requires special care - Due to this meteorite's high iron content, exposure to water and other chemicals, such as cleaning products or aerosols, may cause rusting and other damage over time. If you polish the meteorite, do so with a dry cloth only. Oil the piece regularly with mineral oil or olive oil. Do not let the piece laying around on wet surfaces.

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