Our geode packs are fun for all ages! Cover the geode with a piece of cloth, then slightly tap it with a hammer, and a chisel if you have it, to open up the mysteries of the geodes.

These geodes formed million of years ago during volcanic eruptions. Volcanic geodes were formed when the volcanic lava flows left cavities filled with gas. As the flows cooled, these cavities allowed for mineral bearing solutions to enter and the combinations of these solutions along with heat, pressure and million of years allowed the geode to form.
Whatever minerals were present in the solutions determined what type of minerals and colors would form on the inside.
Geodes will resemble a potato on the outside, the stone must then be cut to see the beautiful crystals and colors inside.

Legends ascribe various potent powers to the geode. It was believed that the geode may increase physical strength and shield one against evil visions. It was also believed that the geode was a good luck charm.

*Each item is genuine and no two are exactly alike. The item you receive may have slight variations from the one photographed. The last two pictures are an example of what you can get in your geode pack.

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