Fossilized Shark Tooth with Ammonite and Trilobite Pendant
Fossilized Shark Tooth with Ammonite and Trilobite Pendant
Fossilized Shark Tooth with Ammonite and Trilobite Pendant
Fossilized Shark Tooth with Ammonite and Trilobite Pendant

Fossilized Shark Tooth with Ammonite and Trilobite Pendant

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Carcharodon Hastalis Shark Tooth:These fossil shark teeth come from several different types of ancient sharks including tiger, extinct great white (previously known as mako), sand, otodus, lamna, and an ancient shark called carcharodon megalodon. This particular shark tooth is an example of an extinct great white shark tooth.

The extinct great white, or Carcharodon Hastalis shark tooth is approximately 4-10 million year old, and was found during the Miocene period. It is most easily discerned from other shark teeth by its wide, and triangular crown and smooth edges.

If a shark loses a tooth while biting into something, another tooth from the second row would replace the missing tooth within four minutes. Thus many teeth were lost over the lifetime of a shark. Some fossilized shark teeth are found in phosphate mines, while others are collected by divers. A fossil shark tooth is easy to tell from a modern day shark tooth as a fossil shark tooth is made of stone; the modern tooth is not.

Black Goniatite Ammonite: This fossil has beautiful patterns and coils, the ancient creature would grow and continue to build a shell to cover its soft body parts.  The creatures would continue to wrap around themselves numerous times and thus the fossils show the growth of the creatures, much like the growth lines on a tree. Some believe the fossils show cycles and lifetimes, as the coils never end. This goniatite specimen was found in Ancash, Peru. It lived in the Devonian period and is approximately 195 to 395 million years old.

Elrathia TrilobiteThe trilobite is one of the best known and recognized fossils.  The creature is made up of three different parts, the cephalon (head), the thorax (body), and the pygidium (tail).  The creature was protected by a hard calcite shell and this is what remains fossilized to this day.  This shell would not grow with the creature so the shell was molted away several times during the creature’s lifetime.  Thus one trilobite may have left several fossils during its lifetime.  The trilobite is the first creature known to have eyes, some believe that the trilobite had 360-degree vision.  As trilobites were believed to be water scavengers, living off the ocean bottom, this 360-degree vision came in handy.  The elrathia kingi trilobite is approximately 550 million years old and is found in grey or brown shale.

Thick rope sterling silver chain is not included. Chains are available for purchase here.

All fossils in setting: 78 mm x 34 mm x 11 mm
Bail length: 12 mm

Exposure to water and other chemicals, such as lotions or perfumes, will damage it over time. If you polish the jewellery, avoid polishing the fossil itself. A silver-cleaning dip should never be used with this piece.

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