The Crinoids were a creature similar to today's sea lilies. They were a marine animal, often living in groups of several thousand individuals.

Crinoids are extremely rare. In the past, crinoids lived all over the ocean, but today’s closest relative, the sea lily, lives only at depths of over 100 meters. They are often replaced by iron pyrite or fool’s gold, this gives them a metallic shine. The end part or crown of the crinoid was made up of several feeding arms, as little as 5 as many as 200. This is where the micro-organisms would pass through and the crinoids would feed. The feeding arms are very delicate and fragile looking; often the arms are segmented. A holdfast would anchor the crinoid to the ocean bottom, while a stem attached the two parts. Crinoids survived several mass extinctions making it one of the most successful forms of life on earth. Most unique about this piece is the holdfast at the bottom. Often, this part of the fossil is lost, so to find a specimen with one as well preserved as this is quite extraordinary. This fossil is approximately 380-440 million years old.

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