Chondrite meteorites are stony (non-metallic) meteorites that formed when various types of dust grains present in the early solar system accumulated to form primitive asteroids, and include organic matter that formed from dying stars. Chondrites are the most common type of meteorite that falls to Earth, representing between 85.7% and 86.2% of all meteorites. This particular specimen came from the NWA-869 fall in Morocco. It exhibits incredible preservation and amazing detail for its age - chondrites were formed 4.56 billion years ago!

This piece can lead to many interesting questions like whether a meteorite destroyed the dinosaurs or brought life to Earth. This chondrite meteorite is perfect for the dreamers, space enthusiasts and armchair philosophers.

  • Set in sterling silver.
  • Dimensions: 18 mm x 10 mm
  • Features genuine stones.
  • Dangle earrings.
  • This item includes an information card about the stone.
  • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item.
  • This meteorite requires special care - due to its high iron content, exposure to water and other chemicals, such as lotions or perfumes, may cause it to rust it over time. If you polish the jewellery, avoid polishing the stone itself. A silver-cleaning dip should never be used with this piece.

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