Pendant Rainbow Moonstone with Pink Tourmaline



Don't be fooled by the white color and blue sheen of moonstone - when it is turned different angles it flashes a rainbow of colors. It is believed to help balance yin and yang, bring out feelings and protect love. It is also believed to eliminate tunnel vision and help you achieve your goals, and many ancient people believed it had magical powers. Whether you want to improve your confidence, increase alertness or recall your dreams, this moonstone pendant set in sterling silver will be sure to bring some magic to your life.

Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a truly unique and fascinating gemstone. It can come in almost all of the different colours of the rainbow, including green, blue, pink, red, black, orange, and brown, plus many shades and combinations of the various colours.  Pink or red tourmaline may be called rubellite, and blue may be called indicolite. 

Tourmaline is believed by some to make one openhearted and giving, some believe it can make one calm, centered, and able to communicate more effectively.  Whatever your beliefs, may you enjoy your tourmaline. 

  • Set in sterling silver
  • Dimensions: 35 mm x 18 mm
  • Features a genuine stone
  • This item includes an information card about the stone
  • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item
This stone requires special care - exposure to water and other chemicals, such as lotions or perfumes, will damage it over time. If you polish the jewellery, avoid polishing the stone itself. A silver-cleaning dip should never be used with this piece.

    *Chain is available for purchase here.

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