Known as Petrified Wood, the Provincial stone of Alberta is commonly found throughout the province. Representing the provinces prehistoric past, it is formed as the result of microcrystalline quartz depositing into the pores and cells of trees that fell 60 to 90 million years ago during the Cretaceous and Paleocene periods.

Fallen trees became saturated with water containing microcrystalline quartz which literally turned the trees to stone as the water evaporated. Petrified wood became Alberta's official stone on May 18, 1977.

  • Dimensions: 73 mm x 45 mm x 53 mm
  • Genuine stone
  • Hand carved
  • This item includes an information card about the stone
  • A certificate of authenticity is included with this item

This stone requires special care - exposure to water and other chemicals, such as cleaning products or aerosols, will damage it over time. If you polish the stone, use a dry cloth only, or an air duster that does not contain any disinfectant or other chemicals.

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