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Agoniatite / Orthoceras Fossil Stand Up

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This is a truly unique collector's piece. This natural fossil plate comes from Morocco and features agoniatite ammonites, as well as orthoceras fossils. Both creatures were sea dwellers. The agoniatite ammonite is similar to the modern day nautilus, while the orthoceras is more akin to a squid. The fossils on this plate have been polished to a rich shine while the stone matrix remains rough to really contrast the fossils and make them pop. The stone matrix on the back has been carved into a sturdy stand.


A beautiful mixture of agoniatite ammonites and orthoceras fossils make up this one-of-a-kind, free standing piece. 
Stands 51 inches tall, 19 inches wide
This fossil is between 345-395 million years old. 


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