Rare Fossilized Specimen

Rare Fossilized Specimen

Plecia Fly, Rocks and Gems Canada, Insects, Fossil

It's Fossil Friday!

Fossilized insects are extremely rare to find, especially the Plecia Fly that have just arrived new to our stores!
The Plecia fly is found in the green river formation of Wyoming, USA and range from 40-50 million years old. As the insect contains no hard shell, the insect must fall into water and be covered with sediment to fossilize. Thus, there are very few insect specimens as a bizarre set of coincidences must occur in order for the insect to fossilize.
Come into our store and choose from our wide variety of specimens or visit our website www.rocksandgemscanada.com May you enjoy your fossil as it's a scientific find as well as a link to our distant past. These fossils are to be treasured and preserved for our future generations.
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