Extinct Marine Animals Rare Tooth

Extinct Marine Animals Rare Tooth

Plesiosaurus, Rocks and Gems Canada, Fossil

Fossil Friday!
We introduce new to our stores the Plesiosaurus teeth!!! The Plesiosaurus was a marine reptile which existed during the early Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era. (66- 252 million years ago). This reptile is believed to have evolved from the triassic Nothosaurus.

The fossils of the Plesiosaurus were discovered in England in the year 1821. At that time, very few prehistoric marine vertebrates were known to man. Due to this, any bones which even remotely resembled the Plesiosauras were ascribed to it. As a result, defining the Plesiosaurus became very difficult. As more and more aquatic reptile fossils were discovered, they were inspected more carefully. Subsequently the genus Plesiosaurus became better organised.
The Plesiosaurus could grow to about 3 - 4 meters in length. Its weight is debatable, but is estimated at about 150 - 350 ponds. The size was small compared to some of the late Jurassic and early Cretaceous Plesiosaurus such as the Kronosaurus which attained a length of over 10 meters. As compared to its contemporary Plesiosaurus, the Plesiosaurus was of average size.

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