Ammonite fossilization with Iron Pyrite...

Ammonite fossilization with Iron Pyrite...

Fossil Friday!

The quenstedoceras fossils are approximately 135 - 195 million years old, found in Ryazan, Russia.
These ammonites were preserved under low oxygen conditions which favoured the precipitation of the iron sulfide (FeS) mineral pyrite, also known as fool's gold, which replaced and grew around the ammonites shell.
The quenstedoceras fossil ranges in sizes very small to very arge. Due to the fossilization with the iron pyrite they can be quite heavy.

These beautiful fossils have a striking white/ pink coloured, iridescent shell. In many cases when the quenstedoceras's shell falls off, you will see their inside chambers fossilized with the iron pyrite. Many of these specimens have been cut and polished to reveal their stunning inner structure. These chambers with the pyrite crystals inside are extremely rare. On occasion these pieces are made into jewellery.
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